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2005-10-31 - 5:57 p.m.

Happy Halloween...

We drove to London in Veronica, our first proper roadtrip, all along the motorway and everything�.I got to navigate and despite having a pre war A-Z of London with none of the new major roads printed on it I still managed to get us there. Who said girls can�t map read? Hey, do I have extraordinary navigational skills or what? While I just continue to silently applaud myself, here�s some more scaretastic pictures of what was quite a spooktacular evening complete with fireworks (which, despite taking 73 photos of, I was unable to catch any exciting explosive action)* and lots of drunk people looking really very terrifying indeed.

*I am fully ware that this sentence structure is somewhat lacking in, er�ummm�..the structural department but am very hung-over, many brain cells were sacrificed in the taking of those photos doncha know.

Here�s some old BBC public information films that I found rather charming and thought you might do too.

Now I am going to lie down in a quiet place.

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